Dr. Roger El Khoury believes that the most important goal in Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine is patient health and wellbeing. Therefore, his primary practice focus is to simply make his patient’s happy. He achieves this goal by listening carefully during his consultations and aligning patient’s desires with realistic expectations. This time will be used for meticulous discussion and assessment of their lifestyle in relation to possible medical issues.

“Honesty is my number one policy and I pride myself on providing a thorough, straightforward consultation. I strongly believe that the best results are achieved by creating awareness because various aspects of our lives affect our health. Thorough assessments of how these variables interact in our bodies personalized treatments are built for my patients.

In my professional life, I consistently strive to promote and advance the expanding field of anti-aging and preventive medicine through my consistent involvement in technology. It takes extra effort to stay at the forefront of a field that’s constantly changing, but I believe that it is essential in order to keep myself and my patients well-informed about the newest and best non-invasive techniques available. In this way, I can help to educate and empower patients to make truly informed decisions about having safe, smart and efficient procedures.

I have developed a keen artistic eye, extensive scientific knowledge, and skilled medical procedures for the sole purpose of assuring the best possible results. I know that every patient is an individual with different goals, expectations, and aesthetic concerns and I take that into account each and every time a patient puts their trust in me.”


your shape, health, and wellness are all addressed as ONE!