Morphotherapy® Concept

The Morphotherapy® is a medical concept that aims to prevent or treat the problems that affect the physical appearance of an individual at any stage of his life .it’s main target is to take in charge the person within a goal of prevention and offer him solutions for his weight or shape problems.

At Morphoclinic® we do not just treat your shape or weight. Our goal is to understand your body, mind and lifestyle. We save your time and wasted effort by giving you a clear and concise scientific body management plan. This is the foundation of our holistic approach to the shape and weight management.

Our Program

An individualized medical assessment
A personalized treatment plan
A unique combination of techniques
A follow up program to maintain the reached results

With the Morphotherapy concept, there are no standard programs as we consider each person as unique. With our combination of treatments and in a period of 2 to 3 months we can take an average body and turn it into a great one: slim, firm, toned and sculpted.

A thorough assessment is undertaken prior to any treatment; our techniques enable us to act at different stages in the progression of the shape problems. A maintenance program will be advised after reaching the shaping goal.

Medical Assessment

At Morphoclinic we have recognized that before one even starts on any body management program, it is important to undergo a thorough and precise assessment taking into consideration all parameters that could play a role in the development of body deformities in order to determine the best treating program for each case.

The Medical assessment relies on the use of a multi-testing methods including:

A history Assessment, A blood Test, A physical and Postural exam An advanced 3D Dexa Scan, An Oligoscan test Bio Impedance test Food Intolerance Test.
The interpretation of the data will lead to a Personalized Treatment Program

Personalized treatment program

At Morphoclinic, we are happy to offer the next step in treating the weight and shape problems. The Morphotherapy concept is one of the most effective body shaping solutions and it involves combining several clinical applications with the most effective technologies available on the market to treat many areas of interest simultaneously for faster results and global shape restoration. This program will:


Morphotherapy Concept Outcomes

When you are at your goal weight and you have successfully completed defined body slimming treatment then you will be ready to begin your life as normal, thin, energetic and happy person who is no longer slave to hunger and food cravings.

In addition:

  • The Metabolism should be reset to a high normal level.
  • The Food cravings should be low as the leptin levels will be increased.
  • The Body will no longer abnormally store fat in the fat reserves.
  • The Weight should be stabilized
  • The Energy levels should be kept high
  • The Stress and anxiety should be reduced
  • The Self satisfaction and Physical acceptance should be achieved

As the results are usually seen after 3 to 6 treatments every client is provided with a 2 to 3 months treatment period depended on the shape problems and expectations. The effect of each treatment is accumulative with best results down the line.