The Anti-aging and preventive medicine is a medical speciality founded on the application of advanced scientific technologies for the early detection, prevention and treatment of aging related diseases. . With the help of genetic tests, some changes can be diagnosed very early allowing to protect the gene against mutation. Morphclinic offers genetic predisposition tests, as well as various other disease prevention tests. The best time to carry out a preventive medicine consultation is after the age of 25, this will show both the quality of further life and premature aging development risk. The anti-aging therapy program is a highly specialized and customized process that consists of 5 phases

1. Anti-Aging Consultation Interview
Age management is a very personal process and during this initial session you will learn about different anti-aging programs, identify and share your goals, and discuss your needs and concerns with us.

This complimentary session takes approximately 30-60 minute to conduct the evaluation and will help provide some of the preliminary medical information needed in order to design a personalized program that will help you achieve your age management goals and to enhance the quality of your life.

  • Full medical history review
  • Biological Age Test
  • Physical Fitness Evaluation
  • Posture Exam
  • Skin Properties Condition
  • Weight and Metabolism check up
  • Lifestyle Assessment

2. Anti-aging specific tests
The next phase of the process begins with initial testing from a blood sample or swab test .Laboratories used by MorphoClinic are high quality, nationally recognized facilities located in England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy .They are also certified which ensures the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results.

3. Lab Review
Once the initial interview is complete and the laboratory results are received, you will be scheduled for a personal comprehensive consultation and review of the lab test results. A comprehensive analysis of your current physical status can then be determined after considering your medical history along with the results of your physical examination and review of the laboratory tests. Armed with this information, we will be able to develop individualized program recommendations.Your individualized anti-aging program will be prioritized based on your goals and your medical needs.

4. Anti-Aging Program
After the conclusion of the consultation you will receive by private encrypted email correspondence a detailed report from us with recommendations for your age management program, including nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements) and the recommended biological therapies.

5. Continued Care
A comprehensive and personalized anti-aging therapy program requires continuous monitoring.Ongoing communication during your program and treatment is provided and encouraged. If you have any questions or concerns we are available through email and telephone.