Morpho Consultancy is an Anti Aging & Medical shaping Consultancy company with more than 15 year proven track record in the medical slimming field and shaping centres development and strategy. We have extensive experience in new builds and refurbishments and a broad understanding of the medical slimming and shaping industry .

If You Are

• Planning to build or operate a new shaping centre
• Refurbishing an existing slimming centre
• Looking to improve profitability within an existing weight loss centre
• Looking to improve or change the concept of an existing shaping centre.

We Are Ready To Help

Morpho Consultancy founder, Dr. Roger Elkhoury has been involved in the shaping and slimming industry for nearly 15 years .After acquiring extensive experience in managing and operating multiple clinics, Dr. Roger started to provide consultancy & operational support to new clients who are planning to build or operate a new shaping centre and for centres owners who are looking to refurbish or improve profitability within their existing facility.
Morpho Consultancy provide expert guidance on successfully managing operations, maximizing profits and planning new shaping centres development.We are ready to help international clients who are planning to open a new shaping centre or for existing operators who would like assistance to improve their centres performance and profitability.
Our services range from business and financial modelling, feasibility studies, space planning, centre concept creation, procurement through to recruitment and creation / project management of the pre & post opening operational critical path.

Floor Plan design idea

Morpho Consultancy Services & Modules

By offering total flexibility of all consultancy modules, We can help you to build and develop a successful, unique and profitable Medical shaping center or a slimming clinic . Our expertise will ensure your centre delivers in all areas; visually, efficiently, effectively and profitably.



• Market Analysis, Site Analysis & Financial Feasibility
• Concept Development & Facility Programming
• Architecture & Interior Design Review; Value Engineering
• Equipment and Supplies Specification
• Vendor Recommendations, Selection, Negotiations
• Menu of Services & Programming
• Business Operations Planning & Development
• Retail Product Development & Merchandising
• Financial Forecasts & Analysis
• Strategic Marketing and Branding Programs
• Management & Staff Recruitment and Training
• Formulation and monitoring of a Pre-opening Critical Path
• Pre-opening On site Assistance
• Post opening Audits,Staff,Customer Service,Facility,and Financial Performance


Morpho Consultancy has been contracted to support the planning, development and implementation of your Slimming ,weight loss and shaping Centre. Our team works collaboratively with you to provide the information and support needed to make informed decisions.

The project begins with a Launch Meeting to review the scope of the work, time line, roles and responsibilities and how we communicate.

Plan Development

We begin with the development of a plan that is based on market research and analysis. This research and analysis will help to identify the best possible location and insure that the Concept, Program Components and Pricing are aligned with your market.

All of this information is summarized in a Business Plan that allows you to clearly deliver your message to potential investors and lending institutions as well as providing you and your team with an operating road-map.

Plan Implementation

Once the research and development is complete and the plan is documented, Morpho consultant will support you and your team through the implementation process.

This begins with site selection and interior layout and design. We offer a variety of interior themes to select from for your Medical centre. Also, your furniture, equipment and interior accessories are identified as part of this package.

Our Marketing advisor will work with your team to develop your name and image, creating a logo that reflects your brand. A pre-opening Marketing Plan is outlined and all of the creative necessary to launch the plan is implemented.

Based on your Service Menu, the supplies, equipment, inventory and medical technology are identified and proper trainings are established to insure safety and care upon the opening of your centre.

Morpho Consultancy supports the recruitment and hiring of your management and Medical staff necessary to implement the plan. Training is identified and scheduled for each position.

At the completion of the Implementation Phase, your Shaping centre is opening its doors and welcoming your first clients.We are now ready to support you with ongoing management and marketing services for your new business.

Existing Clinics or Centres

For existing businesses, we can provide a complete health check of your existing business by analysing and troubleshooting all aspects of the operation to significantly improve both financial & quality performance.For existing Shaping or slimming centres who require change management or quality / financial performance management, we also offer’s a range of Business Development modules. These modules will ensure your centre business potential is maximised and efficient whilst continually achieving the best possible guest experience.


Morpho consultancy was formed to set new standards in slimming and shaping consultancy and to foster collaboration among the industry’s premier consultants. We are committed to promoting excellence as we are bound to the Code of Ethics that details a standard of conduct that raises the bar for the consulting practice:
• Professional standards of conduct and competence
• Impartiality
• Confidentiality
• No conflicts of interest
• Integrity
• Agreements in writing and clear communication
• Client satisfaction